Michael A. Hedderich

I'm a researcher with the Spoken Language Systems (LSV) group with Dietrich Klakow at the Saarland Informatics Campus and a PhD candidate at the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science.



  • Our project proposal was successful and we have two open PhD positions in Information Extraction, Data Mining and Machine Learning. If you are interested, contact me for details!
  • I'll present our work on multi-sense word embeddings with a talk at IWCS 2019.
  • A former student will present our work on learning with noisy data from self-training at the NAACL SRW 2019.
  • I became an associate member of SFB1102.
  • I gave a guest lecture at the Ambient Intelligence group at Aalto University. The slides can be found here.
  • At the ACL 2018 workshop DeepLo, I gave a talk about our work on learning with noisy labeled, automatically annotated data.

In the past, I had the pleasure to work with