Nov 2023 I’ll be visiting Pittsburgh (CMU) and Boston (Northeastern and Harvard) in November and EMNLP in Singapore in December. If you want to meet, just let me know 🧳
Jul 2023 Our Azure grant for working on biomedical literature got extended for a year 🥳
May 2023 I’ll be visiting various groups in Germany during Mai. Let me know if you want to meet in Munich, Saarbrücken, Mainz/Frankfurt or Berlin! Also looking forward to my talk at LMU Munich 🥨
Apr 2023 I’ll be at CHI’23 where we present our ToCHI interaction design paper (with Saarland University) and a demo of our co-design chatbot (with Aalto University) 🔬
Nov 2022 Excited to start a post-doc position at Cornell in the group of Qian Yang at the intersection of NLP and HCI 🇺🇸
Jul 2022 Where did it go wrong? We will present our paper on label-descriptive patterns and their application to characterizing classification errors at ICML’22 📝
May 2022 I will visit Disney Research Studios in Zürich for three months. If you are in Switzerland and want to connect, just let me know! 🇨🇭
Nov 2021 I will have the pleasure to work with Antti Oulasvirta’s HCI group at Aalto University leading a project on user simulation with reinforcement learning and collaborating on further HCI research. 🇫🇮
Aug 2021 I’ll give an invited talk at the Vienna Workshop on Weak Supervision and Natural Language Processing 🇦🇹
Jul 2021 We published a visual guide for low-resource NLP on towards data science 🎨
Jun 2021 We’ll present our survey on recent approaches for NLP in low-resource scenarios at NAACL’21 📚
May 2021 We’ll present our ANEA tool for NER distant supervision at PML4DC@ICLR’21 🛠
Apr 2021 We’ll present an HCI work on robust microgestures at CHI’21 🖖
Mar 2021 Looking forward to our workshop LANTERN @EACL’21: The 3rd Workshop Beyond Vision and Language: Integrating Real-World Knowledge 🖼️
Feb 2021 We presented our latest work on noisy labels, looking at it from a theoretic view and proposing a new evaluation dataset at AAAI’21 📊
Jan 2021 We are organizing a new talk series with invited PhD students on NLP topics: NLPhD 🖥
Jan 2021 This time working on a very different kind of text: Reconstructing tablets with cuneiform from archeological finds ⛏️
Nov 2020 We presented a conference paper on low-resource learning for African languages at EMNLP 🌎 and a Findings paper on fine-tuning and probing at BlackboxNLP 📦
Jul 2020 I’m a co-organizer of the Business Meets Technology conference at Hochschule Ansbach, Germany 💼
May 2020 We presented our work on machine learning for low-resource African languages at AfricaNLP@ICLR’20 and PML4DC@ICLR’20.
Nov 2019 We presented our latest work on learning with noisy labels at EMNLP 2019.
Oct 2019 We gave a talk about our work on intelligibility and language modelling at RAILS 2019.
Jun 2019 A former student presented our work on learning with noisy data from self-training at the NAACL SRW 2019.
May 2019 I presented our work on multi-sense word embeddins with a talk at IWCS 2019.
Feb 2019 I gave a guest lecture at the Ambient intelligence group at Aalto University.
Jul 2018 At the ACL 2018 workshop DeepLo, I gave a talk about our work on learning with noisily labeled, automatically annotated data.
Jan 2018 I gave an invited talk at the Speech Recognition group at Aalto University.