Open Research Assistant (HiWi) Position

Human factors have a crucial interplay with modern AI and NLP development, from the way data is obtained (e.g. in low-resource scenarios) to the need to understand and control models (e.g. through global explainability methods). AI technology also does not exist in a vacuum but must be validated together with the application experts and stakeholders it should serve.

To further explore these questions, we are looking for a research assistant (“HiWi”) to join our team at LMU Munic​h to work on topics of human-centric AI and NLP. As a candidate, you should be a Master student (or advanced Bachelor student) with good programming skills and some experience in machine learning, natural language processing, AI-focused human-computer interaction, or a mixture of these.

The position is planned for 6-10 hours per week and starts with a six month contract.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Michael Hedderich (hedderich at cis. For applications, please send a CV, a study transcript, and a short description of the type of research you are interested in. The application deadline is June 16th, and applications are processed as they come in. Later applications might be considered.

More information about our group and other open positions can be found at