As co-founder of the game development group Little Factory Games, we have developed multiple game prototypes.


Couch-Multiplayer (Browser, Windows, Linux)

"Entry for the Global Game Jam 2022 on Duality. The Balance between Light and Dark. In the eternal battle of opposites, one shall not forget the dependence on one another. Experience duality with one of your friends and fight together in an everchanging world of light and dark."



Couch-Multiplayer for PC

"Grab some friends, jump on the couch and get ready for this fast-paced and colorful arena game. In the world of these cats, there can only be one winner!"


Tiny Taxis


"Welcome to your new taxi business. Your job is to control the taxis in your city. To be successful you have to keep your passengers requests in mind. Businessmen are always in a hurry, be quick enough to catch them. Tourists like to see the city’s highlights and everyone likes a ride in a fancy car. But be aware to not get stuck in the rush hour. Invest your money wisely: Hire new drivers, buy new cars and upgrade your fleet. If you are good enough, you might even be able to buy a limousine to transport your clients in style. Gain some extra money by completing challenges and try to beat the highscores."



Windows, Linux, Mac

"A 2D multiplayer arena game in a fantasy setting that offers a combination of fast gameplay and tactical resource managment."